Securing of genetic engineering products after takeover

  • Sector:
  • Company type:
    US-based family business, 2nd generation
  • Size:
    300 employees on location, 5000 worldwide
  • Location:
  • Responsibilities:
    crisis management, emergency management
  • Concept phase:
    Turnaround management

Initial situation

An internationally operating US-based family business entrusted PLUCH Interim Management with the investigation and securing of infrastructural risks.

These had been identified as part of a company takeover. Due to the existing storage, important research results and genetic engineering products were not sufficiently secured.


All the tasks were implemented successfully and on schedule. External, qualified service providers were identified and interfaces and responsibilities between service providers and internal teams were clarified.

The establishment of a continuous on-call service (24/7) contributed significantly to improving the crisis and emergency plan. A concept for increasing production capacity focused on the existing bottlenecks and was able to show what measures could be taken to exploit this potential.

The mandate following the successful acquisition of the company was a major contribution to securing the further dynamic development of business and took place in an international context.

Project scope

  • Leading the infrastructural conversion of the site
  • Developing an investment plan with simultaneous timely implementation
  • Developing and implementing a make-or-buy strategy for product assurance
  • Clarifying responsibilities in crisis and emergency management
  • Improving the protection concept for employees and products in emergency situations
  • Developing a concept to increase production capacity


Concentration of company resources on research and production, qualified outsourcing to secure genetic engineering products, implementation of outsourcing strategy for the support of genetic engineering products, budget for measures implementation undercut by 28%, securing research results and genetic engineering products, establishment of a stand-by structure to secure existing risks (24/7), analysis and concept development to increase production capacities

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