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  • Digital transformation
  • Developing a vision
  • Customer focus and growth

A clear image of your own company in the future helps you prepare optimally for future challenges

For us, future management includes developing a clear vision for the company, understanding the opportunities of digital transformation, preparing new business areas and business models, and setting up an agile business organisation.

At PLUCH Interim Management, we actively engage with the key issues of the future and have gained practical experience in leading decentralised and agile teams.

We want to support companies with our knowledge to better prepare them for this future, which we know for sure will come, even if we don’t yet have a clear image of what it will look like. Forward-thinking entrepreneurs work hands-on, systematically, and actively on the issues of the future so that the company is well prepared for whatever may come.

“In this day and age, small and customer-oriented companies can overtake the big ones!”

This is how we shape the future of your company with you:
  • Properly harnessing digital transformation
We see great opportunities of digital transformation for our customers in many different areas. For process optimisation, as an innovative interface with customers or in innovation processes. We develop a strategy for digital transformation and focus on promising areas and processes right from the get-go.
  • Agility for more customer focus + growth
Companies today need to be able to quickly adapt to new situations. Classical management structures with rigid hierarchies are ill-equipped to face this challenge. We support our customers in increasing their adaptability (= agility) and consistently focusing their entire company on customer benefit and innovation. Decentralising responsibility, giving employees greater individual freedom, and establishing new rules for cooperation. We provide concrete support for this with our practical experience.
  • New business models + product innovations
Which products are still viable or even expandable in the future? We analyse existing potentials with you and work on new sales channels and business models. We build on your target customer, using existing customer insights to strategically focus services and products and increase customer value.
  • Changing the future of work
Companies need to be attractive to young employees and managers, without losing sight of their long-standing employees. We develop an appreciative and value-based leadership with you, which is becoming ever more important with the increase of digital workspaces. We focus on leadership culture to provide employees with a framework within which they can combine success and results with personal development and recognition.
  • Developing a vision
Many entrepreneurs have a clear image in their minds of what their company should look like in the future. But they rarely share this vision with managers and employees. However a vision, an ideal image of the company in the future, is a powerful instrument that each individual employee or even the overall corporate strategy can hold up as a meaningful template.

Our attention is completely with our customers, so we are looking forward to a first contact by e-mail.

Our attention is completely with our customers, so we are looking forward to a first contact by e-mail.

Cooperation keeps us strong
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