Distribution structure, cost and process optimisation

  • Sector:
    food industry – trading company
  • Company type:
    family business, 2nd and 3rd generation
  • Size:
    25 employees on location
  • Location:
  • Responsibilities:
    key account management, cost and process optimisation, warehouse management and succession planning
  • Concept phase:
    Turnaround management

Initial situation

Strong price pressure and declining profits in a family business in food processing and trade.

Passive sales processes and a lack of overview in order processing and warehouse management put the results under pressure in an increasingly competitive environment.

In addition, an unresolved succession dispute between the 2nd and 3rd generation placed a burden on the company.


In this situation, PLUCH Interim Management brought the company management back together by means of intensive individual and group discussions and took up the existing conflicts and pointed out their effects on the organisation. This created the basis for a common approach to the existing problems and a jointly supported succession plan.

In order to change a hitherto rather passive approach to sales, an active acquisition of interested parties was started and sales was structured into key accounts. This clearly defined responsibilities, increased customer focus and established realistic sales targets. All this with the aim of reversing the declining sales trend.

As speed of delivery to customers is particularly important in the retail sector, the warehouse was restructured to provide more usable space for product storage and logistical processing. This resulted in a much greater clarity, the number of errors per order processing was reduced and internal cooperation was significantly improved. These preparations also made it easier to integrate newly developed services and products and helped increase competitiveness.

The reorganisation of the administration completed the restructuring of the process optimisation, which was also reflected in long-term optimisation of costs.

The visible and effective changes also contributed to a change in the perspective of the long-standing employees. The newly implemented solution-oriented approach led to a positive working atmosphere and thus to a sustainable turnaround.

Project scope

  • New active sales structure and new customer acquisition with key account approach
  • Structured order processing from order to delivery
  • Reorganisation of warehousing and dispatch
  • First definition of a possible succession plan at shareholder level


Entrenched structures were changed for the better by simplifying structures and processes, return to sales growth with simultaneous optimisation of order processing, increase of new customer acquisition by a factor of 5, key account management with clearly defined target groups and condition agreements for 200 regular customers, optimisation of warehouse management times and shipping logistics by >15%, elimination of double work processes by clearly structured order processing, clear succession regulation between 2nd and 3rd generation

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