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Reduction of infrastructural risks – medical technology

  • Sector:
    medical technology
  • Company type:
    US-based family business, 2nd generation
  • Size:
    300 employees at different locations in Germany, 5000 worldwide
  • Location:
  • Responsibilities:
    risk management
  • Concept phase:
    Turnaround management

Initial situation

An international technology company in the field of medical technology contracted PLUCH Interim Management to examine the identified infrastructural risks at two locations and to reduce the already existing investment backlog. It became apparent that the infrastructure used in the business, which had grown with little oversight over the years, entailed significant risks. The potential risks identified included damage to the public image, risks to employees and monetary losses.


Through the consistent implementation of various measures, involving managers, employees and external service providers, the protection of employees, products and sensitive data was significantly improved. The defined measures were implemented promptly and under budget.

Restructuring the use of building areas in the existing stock that were not built for the current use was achieved while taking into account the statutory requirements for workplaces.

This ensured that the environmental certification was restored. And the successful integration of the various internal teams with external partners provided a basis for further successful cooperation and joint development of innovative solutions.

The selection of suitable company physicians was completed and was the start of the development of a future health management system.

Project scope

  • Analysis of weak points, conception of suitable solutions and implementation of measures
  • Restructuring of usable areas
  • Leading the internal task force to restore the expired environmental certificate
  • Selection of suitable company physicians


Implementation of economically acceptable measures to reduce infrastructure risks and integration of external service providers, identification of 9 risk areas in the critical infrastructure and elimination of the 7 main risks within the mandate, realisation of budget planning with simultaneous optimisation of investments by 23%, recovery of the critical environmental certificate within the set deadline, strengthening of supplier loyalty in the identified risk areas, start of cooperation with company physician

Notre attention est entièrement accordée à nos client, nous vous prions donc de nous contacter par E-mail.

Notre attention est entièrement accordée à nos client, nous vous prions donc de nous contacter par E-mail.

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