Turnaround and Restructuring Consultant IFUS

Training course by the IfUS Institute for Corporate Reorganisation at SRH University Heidelberg

Contents of the 8-day training course:

  • Economic and legal foundations of corporate reorganisation
  • Development of reorganisation concepts according to the IDW S6 standard
  • Financial instruments during a crisis
  • Introduction to insolvency law
  • Special credit management from a banking perspective
  • Labour law-based reorganisation measures during a crisis
  • Criminal and liability law aspects during a crisis
  • Buying and selling a company during a crisis

MEWES Success Strategy for Innovative Entrepreneurs

Training course by the EKS Academy, Oldenburg

Contents of the 8-day training course:

  • EKS phase 1 + 2: Current situation and strengths, benefit analysis
  • EKS phase 3 + 4: Target group analysis, bottleneck analysis
  • EKS phase 5 + 6: Innovation and cooperation
  • EKS phase 7: The constant basic need
  • Course paper, final presentation, case studies, visioning

Industrial Project Management

Advanced training course by Industrial Projects Services, IPS Group

Contents of the 5-day training course:

  • Project definition: project description, project definition files, P&IDs and flow sheets, overall time schedule, layouts
  • Investment analysis: budget, detailed time schedule
  • Project preparation: technical specifications, inquiry, permitting
  • Project presentation
  • Project realisation

Certified OKR Master

Training course: die.agilen GmbH, München

Contents of the 2-day training course:

  • Agile human resources management with OKR (objectives & key results)
  • Implementing OKR
  • Identifying metrics for key results
  • Change management and obstacles
  • The role of OKR master
  • OKR events
  • Practical methods for the development of OKR

Professional Scrum Master I

Training course according to Scrum.org

Content of the 2-day training course:

  • Principles and empirical process of the Scrum framework
  • Idea of the Scrum guide and understanding the Scrum competencies
  • Understanding of agility and servant-leadership
  • Management style and self-organised teams
  • Coaching, mentoring and teaching
  • Role of Scrum Master

Professional Scrum Product Owner I

Training course according to Scrum.org

Content of the 2-day training course:

  • Understanding of an agile product management
  • Focus on increasing the value of the product
  • Planning, product vision/value, product backlog
  • Business strategy, stakeholders and customers
  • Role of the Product Owner

Future Manager for Digitalisation (IHK)

Training course by the Coburg Chamber of Commerce

Contents of the 5-day training course:

  • Basics of digitalisation
  • Analysis from customer/user perspective
  • Developing strategies and ideas
  • Shaping change
  • Communication 4.0
  • Virtual and digital leadership

Strategy Consultant (IHK)

Training course by the Erfurt Chamber of Commerce

Contents of the 8 day course:

  • Fundamentals of strategic corporate management
  • The path to the most promising target group
  • Innovation, cooperation and communication
  • Case studies and course paper

SME Consultant

Training course by Offensive Mittelstand, SME consultant

Contents of the 1-day training course:

  • Process-oriented consulting competence
  • Cooperation with other consultants of the network
  • INQA company audit

Qualification Advisory Board in Family Businesses

Training course by the INTES Academy, Bonn

Contents of the 2-day training course:

  • General conditions for working on the advisory board: family businesses and their special features, governance, role of the advisory board, legal basis.
  • Responsibilities of the advisory board: human resources competence, consulting and controlling tasks, information and reporting, integration strategy.
  • Composition of the advisory board: ideal size, requirement profile for advisory board members, election or secondment, family members or external, role of the chairperson.

Advanced Training Course:
Advisory Board in Family Businesses - 1

Training course by the INTES Academy, Bonn

Contents of the 2-day training course:

  • Legal issues: anchoring of the advisory board in the articles of association, rules of procedure for the advisory board and management
  • Evaluation: advisory board work and management
  • Compensation: for managing directors/advisory board
  • Liability and compliance: Liability of executive bodies – management and advisory board, compliance systems and instruments
  • Annual financial statement and accounting: Analysis of individual and consolidated financial statements, international accounting regulations, key figures for advisory boards, role of the auditor
  • Financing in family businesses: appropriate financing concepts, case-specific financing models, financing guidelines and financial ratios, asset accumulation, security aspects, separation of private and corporate assets.

Advanced Training Course:
Consolidation of Advisory Board in Family Businesses - 2

Training course by the INTES Academy, Bonn

Contents of the 2-day training course:

  • Strategy review and strategy development in family businesses: strategic opportunities and risks, key strategic concepts, systematic assessment of business models, strategic early warning indicators
  • Internationalisation strategies: to support management and executive boards in international strategy, typical mistakes, proven models, identification of correct markets and evaluation of opportunities and risks
  • Non-financial reporting: off-balance sheet KPIs and their informative value, strategy KPIs, market/customer KPIs, process KPIs, human resources KPIs.

SME Reorganisation Consultant

Training course by KMU Akademie e.V.

Contents of the 10-day training course:

  • Recognising a crisis
  • Legal issues
  • Forecast of continuation/asset status
  • Transferred reorganisation
  • Insolvency planning procedure
  • Corporate reorganisation law (ESUG)
  • Tax issues
  • Psychological aspects and conducting negotiations
  • Financing and controlling during a crisis

Authorised DISG Trainers – DISG Personality Model

Training course by Persolog GmbH

Contents of the 3-day training course:

  • Theory of the DISC model
  • Working with the DISC behavioural dimensions
  • Identifying behaviour and personality building
  • Practice-proven exercises and case studies
  • Trainer knowledge for designing a seminar

Leading with the DISG Model

Training course by Persolog GmbH

Content of the 3-day training course:

  • Deep dive into the DISC behavioural dimensions
  • Introducing different leadership models
  • Analysing your own leadership behaviour
  • Reflecting employee behaviour
  • Gap from performance expectation to fulfilment
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