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Project management process in equipment manufacturing

  • Sector:
    Equipment manufacturing for the pharmaceutical, food and semi-conductor industry
  • Company type:
    family business, 1st and 2nd generation
  • Size:
    80 employees
  • Location:
  • Responsibilities:
    Project management – process optimisation
  • Concept phase:
    Change management

Initial situation

In a family business, there was an individually developed project management process, which was managed inconsistently by each individual project manager.

To prepare for international business and to further professionalise the company, this process needed to be standardised and streamlined.


Clearly structured processes are the basis for every successful project. Defined project procedures ensure the quality of project implementation and ensure a certain independence from the individual project manager.

PLUCH Interim Management was tasked with developing a uniform project management process for the future international business. Providing regular support to various project managers, the existing client’s existing work processes were analysed and harmonised according to the project management standards of PLUCH Interim Management.

The objective of a uniform project management process was jointly defined bottom-up in a workshop.

Project scope

  • Developing a structured project management process
  • Conducting best practice workshops to define the process
  • Implementation with the company’s project managers


Short-term development and introduction of a standardised project management process

Our attention is completely with our customers, so we are looking forward to a first contact by e-mail.

Our attention is completely with our customers, so we are looking forward to a first contact by e-mail.

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