Preparing for market entry in Germany

  • Sector:
    Automotive industry
  • Company type:
  • Size:
    200 employees
  • Location:
  • Responsibilities:
    business development
  • Concept phase:
    Future management

Initial situation

A French supplier to the automotive industry was to be prepared for market entry in Germany.

The company had had no business activities on the German market prior to the mandate.


PLUCH Interim Management supported the external sales department of an international supplier of the automotive industry with their market entry in Germany.

Communication with potential OEMs and the resulting qualification processes were the main focus of the mandate.

In order to quickly achieve results, PLUCH Interim Management acted as a mediator for the understanding of the different cultures, as an analyst of the existing acquisition processes and as integration manager for the integration of customer demands in the client’s sales and project team.

The market entry was successfully completed by achieving qualified supplier status with a strategically important OEM.

Project scope

  • Establishing a sales strategy for French automotive suppliers for German market entry
  • Defining the necessary qualification process as an OEM
  • Addressing intercultural differences between Germany and France


Achieving the first qualified supplier status with a German automotive customer was an important step for the French supplier to further penetrate the German market.

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