Marketing – customer benefits

  • Sector:
    service provider, automotive industry
  • Company type:
    owner-managed company, 1st generation
  • Size:
    10 employees
  • Location:
  • Responsibilities:
  • Concept phase:
    Future management

Initial situation

In an internationally operating service company specialised in technology transfer in the automotive industry, the customer approach was to be professionalised via a suitable website market presence.

A marketing concept was to be documented for this purpose.


“Knowledge of customer requirements, the rules of the game in the industry-specific market and one’s own strengths is a basic prerequisite for long-term success.”

An internationally operating service company, specialised in technology transfer in the automotive sector, tasked PLUCH Interim Management with documenting the marketing and presentation in a new website to strengthen the company’s visibility.

Using individual meetings and workshops the company strategy was made visible, the strengths/weakness and opportunities/risks were calculated and a market positioning was carried out. The customer benefit was clearly defined in order to target and present it to the market.

On this basis, the company’s website was professionalised.

Project scope

  • developing USPs for technology transfer services in the automotive industry
  • improving company visibility via the website
  • market positioning and customer promise


Development of a market presence for the service company.

Planning and implementation via e-commerce project for international car manufacturers.

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