Business strategy + new organisational structure

  • Sector:
    fire protection technology
  • Company type:
    family business, 2nd generation
  • Size:
    approx. 25 employees
  • Location:
  • Responsibilities:
    strategy development, organisational development, internal communication
  • Concept phase:
    Change management

Initial situation

After the transition from one family generation to the next within the company, all business areas and activities had initially been continued unchanged.

However, it soon became apparent that they developed very differently: while some business areas generated a reasonable margin, others proved to be permanent loss-makers.

An outside view was brought in to clarify which business areas the company should concentrate on in the future and how negative developments could be corrected.


Strengths and weaknesses were analysed on the basis of the business figures. Potentials, risks and market prospects were then developed into a medium-term strategy for each of the company’s business areas.

On this basis, PLUCH Interim Management was able to propose a sensible target organisation which took into account the existing structures and resources. The new organisation was then gradually implemented into day-to-day operations.

An analysis of the missing specialised technical competences by means of a competence matrix led to the early recognition of weak points and further securing and expansion of the business through the development of existing employees or targeted recruitment of missing skill sets.

The workforce was actively involved in the change process by means of regular and transparent information and was constantly informed about the development of the company.

Project scope

  • Carrying out a SWOT analysis
  • Developing the corporate strategy including an analysis of product fields and market potentials
  • Defining an adapted organisational structure
  • Support during the implementation of the organisation
  • Active communication and involvement of employees


The new organisational structure brought about noticeable and measurable improvements in the internal processes of the company.

The clarity established regarding future business areas and the development of missing critical skills brought customer focus and clarity to the company.

A real acceleration that continues to have a long-lasting effect.

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