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Implementation of business strategy and product development

  • Sector:
    fire protection technology
  • Company type:
    family business, 2nd generation
  • Size:
    approx. 25 employees
  • Location:
  • Responsibilities:
    strategy implementation, process optimisation
  • Concept phase:
    Change management

Initial situation

The second mandate focused on the implementation of the business strategy, structured planning and implementation of product development, with a focus on the supply and product business as well as restructuring and optimising the decentralised production.


This second mandate focused on implementing the developed business strategy with a stronger focus on the product business while reducing the (risky) project business.

It very quickly became apparent that product innovations were necessary in order to continue to comply with the evolving legal framework. The structuring of the approval process was a weak point in the company. PLUCH Interim Management was able to effectively take this as a starting point and install the audit as a fixed process in compliance with the legal requirements. This resulted in an increase in product innovations and ensured the necessary compliance of the product range. The integration of the management team in this realignment was of crucial importance. This accelerated approval procedures and improved the time-to-market. In addition, the burden on the business-owner family was eased, as they were able to hand over more responsibility to the first management level. A new management culture with more autonomy for the employees was deliberately exemplified by the interim manager and further strengthened after hiring a new manager.

An analysis and the subsequent conversion of the machinery and individual production brought about an increase in production capacity, production areas were enlarged with a new layout, work processes were made more flexible, new storage and shipping areas were created and an insourcing of a complete product line from an external production facility was carried out – the internal production processes were thus accelerated and optimised.

The development and introduction of productivity tools for capacity management and productivity increase as well as the support of location-independent controlling systems in production represented important steps towards optimisation. Investment in a packaging robot and other equipment for labour-intensive production steps contributed to rationalisation.

Within the framework of an established improvement system, errors were analysed and suggestions for improvement were implemented. The continuous documentation of production times served as a basis for the revision of the pricing policy after the introduction of the newly approved products.

Project scope

  • Implementing the selected business strategy
  • Establishing a structured process for product approvals
  • Integrating sales and marketing in product innovations
  • Defining coordination and process flows between remote production sites and sale
  • Restructuring production and optimising processes
  • Increased assumption of responsibility in the first management level to relieve the business-owner family


Stable development of the product business after investment in statutory approval, structured reconstruction of the project business, increase in production capacity through reconstruction and investment, target-oriented working methods in the production area after the introduction of a controlling system – the company was thus able to become more profitable and move forward with purpose.

Notre attention est entièrement accordée à nos client, nous vous prions donc de nous contacter par E-mail.

Notre attention est entièrement accordée à nos client, nous vous prions donc de nous contacter par E-mail.

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